1. It was Erics birthday party last weekend. Instead of a Photo Booth I just carried around my go pro taking photos every second and sometimes every ten seconds. Didn’t expect this,

  2. Hip-hop heads? These guys from Ottawa are amazing. Instrumental and beat is epic, lyrics are fire and meaningful (not just about bling and champagne) Check it out.

  3. The last year. My face. Moustache and prednisone.

  4. My friends Jay Ward makes these awesome wooden belt bucked and bracelets. He sells them in Vancouver, but I’m sure could be convinced to drop one in the mail.


  5. Deconstruct.

  6. Little planet #ottArtExpo

  7. Yay! Some of my work is up in the Bell building. (at Bell Building)

  8. Another show! This time with @championdumonde at Canvas Resto Bar. Its really neat to see my work showing up in so many places. 

  9. I had the privilege of shooting and editing the Valley Cat video for another year. Check out the shenanigans. 

  10. Luke Norrad worked with Lunch restaurants to create this one of a kind, hand painted food truck in Ottawa, Ontario. Using classic techniques and incorporating items from their menu, he developed this traveling display of hand lettering that also serves up some very tasty snacks.

    Contact Luke at luke.norrad@gmail.com for any custom lettering needs.

    Production: bv02.com

    Song: Superstar - Overton Berry Ensemble